Jara's professional experience includes projects completed in collbaration with several architectural firms in Minneapolis and Houston, United States of America, and in Lausanne, Switzerland. Jara is registered architect in Texas and in Switzerland. She has become LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional in 2004. She obtained the certification for Minergie/Minergie-P, higher quality of life and lower energy consumption standards for buildings in Switzerland.

She served as a juror at School of architecture University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, and University of Houston and Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA.

Her work was recognized with Honor and Merit Awards by AIA Houston.

Jara’s work and design concepts are dedicated to the design solutions which are cost effective and environmentally responsible. She is working with clients to achieve high quality individualized design, often with limited budgets. Her attention to details, explorations of materials and structural design have provided her with condirable recognisions.

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DeBakey Museum, Houston, Texas, USA
Chateaux Oron, Switzerland
Belmont sur Lausanne
The AWTY, Internatonal School, Houston, USA
Exxon Mobil Conference Center
Arsenal, Morge, Swtizerland
St. Legier, Switzerland
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